Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote: The Perfect Gift for Men!

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harmony670Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote Control Review
The Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote Control is a remote control designed specifically for Digital Video Recorder (DVR). However, it will work with just about any device and can replace up to 15 different remote controls. This means you can not only use the Harmony 670 for your television, DVD, TIVO and other DVR devices, but also for your Xbox, computer, lighting system, HDTV’s and anything else. The Harmony 670 works with over 5,000 manufacturers and 175,000 different devices. The 670 is the perfect gift for men who you don’t know what to get them – it is affordable and VERY useful. Want to buy this universal remote? It is currently on sale  at Amazon through this link.

Let’s take a look at the product specs

  • Easy to set up – Just connect your Harmony remote to your computer and the Web wizard walks you step-by-step through a simple set up.
  • Easy to use -  Simply press an Activity button, such as Watch TV or Listen to Music
  • Easy to get help – You don’t have to know anything about your entertainment system to operate it.
  • Never out of date – Device database includes 5,000+ manufacturers and 175,000+ devices, from HDTVs to DVRs, VCRs to lighting controls.
  • Backlit keys – Easy to see; easy to use.

Most people will assume that a device this handy but be extremely hard to set up and to work. But this is actually not the case. It is easy to set up with a Web wizard who walks you through the steps.

Optimized for DVD Recording
One of the best things about the Harmony 670 is that is it optimized for DVR devices which means it has over 670 convenient controls. Furthermore, it comes with backlit keys which are easy to see, even in the dark. The next time you want to get more popcorn, you don’t have to fumble for the lights before pressing pause.  The Harmony 670 uses Smart State Technology which means there are easy to understand activity buttons such as “Watch TV” or “Listen to Music.” All you have to do is press the button- it’s honestly that simple!

If you want to buy this remote, you can get it cheap on Amazon here.

I have four kids at home and they all easily understand how to use the remote control. Furthermore, our babysitter, who had never seen a device like this before, had no trouble switching from the Xbox to the television once the kids went to bed.

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