Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced: The best universal remote money can buy?

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Ahh the good old universal remote…what could we do without them? Do they even work anyway? I remember years ago the promise that the so called universal remotes could deliver. Yet they all turned out to be junk. That has all changed with the introduction of the high tech Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Remote Control.

NOTE* There is a huge sale going on at Amazon for this remote. You can get it 50% off here but supplies are apparently limited.

remote1Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Features

  • Completely control your whole home entertainment system including your HDTV.
  • Access Logitech’s online remote control data base – instantly configure your control for almost all electronic devices.
  • Programming is really easy if it even needs it – chances are it is already in the database!
  • Can control up to 15 devices.
  • Is pretty much a computer inside a remote control. Has built in color LCD Screen.
  • It looks really really cool and comes with a sweet protective case.
  • Can dock the remote in the recharge station and never have to replace batteries again.

I have seem some complaints about this universal remote.

Nothing is perfect – this one seemed to get a lot of complaints about it failing to properly recharge. They have since fixed this issue so any new remotes won’t have this problem anymore.

Here is what some people say about the Harmony 880:

Earl Dopter

I have bought my share of universal remotes and I will say that none compare to this Logitech Harmony.  This particular model is light years ahead of all the other harmony remotes they currently sell and it is a great bang for the buck. I say this from an ergonomics as well as functional standpoint.


This one remote replaced the 6 or so remotes that sat on my table. I have owned many different so called universal remotes in the past including the Producer 8 with macro, and the 6-in-1. This remote completely destroys any of the remotes I have owned

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