Logitech Harmony One Advanced: The best universal remote money can buy?

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The Logitech Harmony One Advanced universal remote is very similar to the 880 Advanced. You could consider the One Advanced to be the next step up from the 880 as it has all the same features as the 880, but also overcomes the limitations of it as well.

*Attention* There is currently a huge sale on Amazon for this remote. You can get it for $65 off through this link.

logitech-one-advancedHarmony One Advanced Improvements:

  • The buttons are now back lit and are a lot sturdier. A lot of people were complaining that the buttons were too cheap in the 880A.
  • Has improved feel in your hand as is a lot easier to feel your way around without looking.
  • Improved recharge docking.
  • The One Advanced is more intuitive than the 880A – even someone who has never picked up your remote before can figure out how to operate it.

Have a bunch of remotes that no one else knows how to use?

The Logitech Harmony One Advance Universal Remote can control up to 15 different devices. Suck at programming these things? Don’t worry! You can connect your remote to your personal computer and download control settings for almost every electrical device on the market.

Other people unable to work your home entertainment system? Never worry about that again because this universal remote makes it almost impossible not to be able to figure out how to operate your system.

Want to buy this remote? You can get it on sale at Amazon here.

A lot of people really like the One Advanced remote. Here is a review from a current owner.

Joel Smith,
“There are plenty of people who will look at the price tag for this remote and think to themselves why anyone would buy a remote for that much. I will be the first to tell you that this remote is expensive, very expensive in fact. However, this remote is so good that it makes up for the price tag right away. It will save you a lot of headaches when friends and family come over and want to watch TV on your complicated home entertainment setup.”

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